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Agentia de rating Standard&Poors mentine calificativul Romaniei la BBB-

Agentia de rating Standard&Poors, singura care a inclus Romania in categoria "junk" (BB+), nerecomandata investitorilor, dupa criza din 2008, a mentinut calificativul acordat tarii noastre la BBB-, conform unui comunicat. Agentia prognozeaza o crestere a PIB-ului Romaniei cu 3,9% in detalii


BNR explica de ce a crescut dobanda in 2018 si care au fost efectele

Banca Nationala a Romaniei (BNR) explica in raportul anual de ce a fost nevoita sa majoreze, in 2018, de trei ori rata de politica monetara, de la 1,75% la 2,5%, in paralel cu un control mai strict al lichiditatii: cresterea inflatiei, a cursului de schimb valutar, precum si a dezechilibrelor detalii


Decizia Standard&Poors (S&P) din 15 martie 2019, in care a mentinut ratingul Romaniei la BBB- cu perspectiva stabila

Decizia integrala a agentiei de rating Standard&Poors (S&P) din 15 martie 2019, in care a mentinut ratingul Romaniei la BBB- cu perspectiva stabila, dupa ce Guvernul a promis sa schimbe substantial taxa bancara, introdusa prin OUG 114/2018, care daca ar fi ramas in forma initiala ar fi determinat agentia de rating americana sa scada ratingul tarii in categoria junk, nerecomandata investitorilor. Romania ´BBB-/A-3´ Ratings Affirmed; Outlook Stable
15-Mar-2019 17:25 EDT  OVERVIEW
We believe that the Romanian government will solicit input from key
domestic stakeholders and revisit key parts of the emergency ordinance
In our view, this will likely contain imminent negative effects on
monetary policy detalii


Beyond LIBOR: a primer on the new benchmark rates

The transition from a reference rate regime centred on interbank offered rates (IBORs) to one based on a new set of overnight risk-free rates (RFRs) is an important paradigm shift for markets. This special feature provides an overview of RFR benchmarks, and compares some of their key detalii

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