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Federal Reserve keeps rate at 1/2 to 3/4 percent

Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement: Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in December indicates that the labor market has continued to strengthen and that economic activity has continued to expand at a moderate pace. Job gains remained solid detalii

Speech by Fed chair Janet Yellen on the economic outlook and the conduct of monetary policy

Chair Janet L. Yellen
At the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Stanford University, Stanford, California
January 19, 2017 The Economic Outlook and the Conduct of Monetary Policy It is a privilege to be here today to discuss how the detalii

Janet L. Yellen: The Goals of Monetary Policy and How We Pursue Them

Speech by Chair Yellen on the goals of monetary policy and how we pursue them, at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, California: Good afternoon. It is a pleasure to join all of you at the Commonwealth Club today, not the least because the club and the Federal Reserve have a few detalii

Minutes of the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday released the attached minutes of the Committee meeting held on December 13-14, 2016. A summary of economic projections made by Federal Reserve Board members and Reserve Bank presidents for the meeting is also included detalii


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