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Raiffeisen Online si Smart Mobile nu vor functiona in noaptea de sambata spre duminica

Raiffeisen Bank anunta ca serviciul de Internet Banking (Raiffeisen Online) si Smart Mobile nu vor putea fi utilizate in noaptea de sambata spre duminica (23-24 iulie 2016), in intervalul 24.00 pm - 6.00 am, ca urmare a unor lucari de mententanta pentru sistemele informatice ale detalii

CEC Bank adauga aplicatia de mobile banking in pachetele de cont curent

CEC Bank isi extinde gama de produse si servicii bancare prin lansarea a doua noi pachete operationale: Pachetul “Beneficiu Plus", destinat persoanelor fizice majore si Pachetul “Independent Plus”, dedicat tinerilor cu varste cuprinse intre 14 si 18 ani, anunta banca intr-un detalii

Commerzbank launches digital financing marketplace Main Funders

The first major German bank Commerzbank has developed a new financing platform for small- and medium-sized enterprises, said Commerzbank in a statement. The so-called peer-to-peer lending platform bears the name Main Funders. With this financing marketplace clients of detalii

Fin-tech innovators are expected to bring some fire on Romanian banking market

The agility to change business processes, products and the way of communicating with customers will be crucial for the banks in the next years to stay alive, said Miodrag Mircetic, director, board member of the Asseco SEE Group, in an interview with in Bucharest, Noblesse Palace, detalii


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