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Federal Reserve announces results of auction of $75 billion

On May 19, 2008, the Federal Reserve conducted an auction of $75 billion in 28-day credit through its Term Auction Facility, said the Fed in a statement. Following are the results of the auction: Stop-out rate: 2.100 percent Total propositions submitted: $84.438 billion Total propositions accepted: $75.000 billion Bid/cover ratio: 1.13 Number of bidders: 75 Bids at the stop-out rate were prorated at 71.65% and resulting awards were rounded to the nearest $10,000 (except that all awards below $10,000 are rounded up to $10,000). The awarded loans will settle on May 22, 2008, and will mature on June 19, 2008. The stop-out rate shown above will apply to all awarded loans. Institutions that submitted winning bids will be contacted by their detalii


FED Vice Chairman Donald L. Kohn about the USA Economic Outlook

Vice Chairman Donald L. Kohn At the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana May 20, 2008 The Economic Outlook These have been challenging times for the U.S. economy. Homebuilding and house prices have gone through prolonged and deep declines; the resulting broad pullback in financial markets from risk-taking and credit extension has transmitted some of the weakness in the housing sector to other types of spending. At the same time, a substantial run-up in the prices of petroleum and other commodities has simultaneously increased inflation and damped spending on other goods and services. I don’t need to tell you that challenging times for the economy are also challenging times for those entrusted with managing detalii


Donald L. Kohn, vicepresedintele FED: Economia americana se va revigora in 2009

Desi climatul economic si financiar din Statele Unite este in prezent mai degraba dificil, activitatea economiei se va echilibra in a doua parte a acestui an si va avea o oarecare crestere in 2009, se arata intr-o prezentare a vicepresedintelui FED, Donald L. Kohn. El precizeaza ca in perioada urmatoare consumul populatiei va creste ca urmare a stimulentelor fiscale. Vezi prezentarea, detalii

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Intesa Sanpaolo Bank isi majoreaza capitalul social cu 100 milioane euro

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank si majoreaz capitalul social cu 100 milioane euro (echivalent n lei), prin aport n numerar al grupului Intesa Sanpaolo, se arata intr-un comunicat de presa al bancii. n urma acestei majorri, capitalul social al bncii a crescut de peste 3 ori pn la peste 500 milioane lei de la 140 milioane lei. Cresterea substantial a capitalului social va sustine strategia de dezvoltare organic a bncii pe piata local pn n 2010. Nicola Calabr, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Intesa Sanpaolo Bank declar: „Grupul Intesa Sanpaolo se afl n topul primelor 5 bnci n majoritatea celor 12 tri din regiunea Europei Centrale si de Est n care a investit. Romnia reprezint o prioritate pentru dezvoltare accelerat Intesa Sanpaolo, iar aceast majorare de capital detalii