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Metaversul Facebook

Metaversul Facebook este atat utopie, cat si distopie, in functie de imaginatia fiecaruia. Este deja aici, daca ne gandim mai detalii


Fight for Europe – or the wreckers will destroy it (pro-European manifesto of 30 intellectuals)

The continent faces its biggest challenge since the 1930s. We urge European patriots to resist the nationalist onslaught The idea of Europe is in peril. From all sides there are criticisms, insults and desertions from the cause. “Enough of ‘building Europe’!” is the cry. Let’s reconnect instead with our “national soul”! Let’s rediscover our “lost identity”! This is the agenda shared by the populist forces washing over the continent. Never mind that abstractions such as “soul” and “identity” often exist only in the imagination of demagogues. Europe is being attacked by false prophets who are drunk on resentment, and delirious at their opportunity to seize the detalii


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