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Instant payments, contactless card payments and Person-to-Person (P2P) mobile payments in Poland

Poland has a dual-facing payment landscape. The first of which is traditional, and characterised by a wide use of cash – such as when paying out pensions to name one example. The other is remarkably innovative, making extensive use of cashless payment instruments, particularly detalii


Care este soldul creditelor acordate in cadrul Programului Prima Casa

Conform datelor Fondului de Garantare a Creditelor pentru IMM-uri (FNGCIMM), institutia care acorda garantii unui numar de 18 institutii financiare in vederea contractarii de credite imobiliare prin Programul Prima Casa, aceste imprumuturi garantate de stat au avut o crestere importanta in detalii


Open Banking revolution moves closer

A technological revolution will give people greater control over their money following today’s publication of the CMA’s banking final order. Personal account customers will find it easier to manage their money, find the best deal for their needs and avoid overdraft charges, detalii


Czech Magic : Implementing Inflation-Forecast Targeting at the CNB

This paper describes the CNB’s experience implementing an inflation-forecast targeting (IFT) regime, and the building of a system for providing the economic information that policymakers need to implement IFT. The CNB’s experience has been very successful in establishing confidence detalii

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