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Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement

Press Release of Federal Reserve, March 19, 2014:

Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in January indicates that growth in economic activity slowed during the winter months, in part reflecting adverse weather conditions. Labor market indicators were mixed detalii


Piraeus Bank issued €500 million senior unsecured bond

Piraeus Bank press release: Piraeus Bank today, Tuesday 18th March 2014, successfully priced and placed in the international debt capital markets a € 500 million three year senior unsecured benchmark note that has an annual fixed rate coupon of 5.00%.

The bond offering was detalii


Regulatory Technical Standards to implement the single banking rule book (capital requirements - CRD IV package) - Frequently asked questions: See also IP/14/255

1. What is the CRDIV package on capital requirements? The "CRD IV package" transposes - via a Regulation and a Directive - the new global standards on bank capital (the Basel III agreement) into EU law. It applies from 1 January 2014. This legislative framework tackles vulnerabilities shown by banking institutions during the financial crisis, namely the insufficient level of capital both in quantity and quality (See MEMO/13/690). CRR/CRD sets stronger prudential requirements for banks, requiring them to keep sufficient capital reserves and liquidity. This new framework will make EU banks more solid and will strengthen their capacity to adequately manage the risks linked to their activities, and absorb any losses they may incur in doing detalii


Garanti Bank and Garanti Mortgage, one of Garanti Group Romania’s NBFIs, initiate official merger procedures

Garanti Bank and Garanti Mortgage (Domenia Credit IFN SA) announce today that they have initiated formal procedures for the merger of the two companies in Romania, which is expected to be finalized by the end of this year, following NBR approval and completion of all legal requirements. detalii

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