EximBank has launched an on-line platform for currency exchanges transactions

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2016-03-29 18:49

EximBank has launched a new treasury service facilitating for the bank’s clients the real time and on line following of the evolutions on the currency markets as well as the automatic dealing for currency exchanges at the listed quotations from the transactioning platform of the bank, said the bank in a statement. 

Using the platform, the companies have access to quotations for up front (Today/Tomorrow/Spot) and delayed (Forward) currency exchanges as well as to other components that facilitate the analysis and graph representations of the evolutions on the financial markets. Also, the system offers to the clients the possibility to communicate on line and to visualize all transactions immediately after they have been performed.

”EximBank continues to evolve towards consolidating its products portfolio in the area of financial complementary services, as per our strategy of developing an integrative banking relationship with the companies that trust us. By launching this transactioning platform we once again confirm our commitment for aligning to the current banking practices and, most of all, to clients’ demands. This is why we intend to expand the current functionalities of the platform as well as the treasury range of products in order to meet the challenges that our clients are facing”, said Traian Halalai, Executive President of EximBank.

The platform, which is accessible directly on, based on user name and password, without installation, has a high automation degree and high flexibility in configuration thus offering the possibility of dealing without manual intervention up to a certain pre-established amount. The users may set up on the principal currency exchange visualizing screen the currency pairs that they will most frequently deal with and have at their disposal the transaction report for all performed dealings up to that moment.

EximBank is a specialized financial institution, actively involved in supporting and promoting the Romanian business environment. Its specific financial instruments are targeted exclusively to the corporate segment and accessible to any kind of company SMEs or big companies, active only locally or involved in international transactions. During the last three years, the bank has focused on the improvement of its complementary banking services and it developed and consolidated its portfolio of treasury products, cash management, trade finance and factoring.


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