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First Bank collects relief cheques for the American community in Romania

Autor: Bancherul.ro
2020-07-09 11:48

First Bank announces that starting this month it will be the only financial institution from which the American people in Romania will be able to collect the cheques that have been offered by the American Government as a payment for the relief of the economic impact generated by the pandemic, said the bank in a statement. 

During the past months the American Government took a series of actions to support those affected by the economic shutdown. This includes financial support to American citizens by various forms of payment, including issuance of cheques.

In Romania this type of cheques can be collected by opening an account at First Bank, who will then take care of the collection process to credit the cash in the account.

This makes First Bank the unique collector of these cheques in Romania at this moment.

The American community in Romania is a significant one, including civil servants, specialists working in the private sector, military, teachers, etc.

American citizens who live in Romania will have to present their passport, the original cheque received and a proof of their home address.

The commission for this operation will be a fixed flat fee. More information about the availability of this product can be obtained starting the 15th of July in any First Bank branch.

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